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Stabilo Marking Pencils
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Xtreme 1 Cutting Mat
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Wrap Hats

Wrap hat with built in LEDs to help see in dark areas. 

Available in Visor and Baseball Hat Styles

Our price: $32.13

Super Brush Cleaning Swabs

Super Brush Cleaning Swabs

Our price: $13.16

Spinning Organizer

Organize your work area and always know where your tools are when you need them!

Our price: $28.31

Sooper Tack Rollers

Dust Removal Kit

Our price: $184.28

Sooper Rounder

Sooper Rounders with 1/4'' & 3/8'' die sets

Our price: $473.02

Sooper Clip

Sooper Clip. Now that is a great idea! Faster and easier than tape or rubber bands or paperclips or anything else you might use to keep rolls rolled up and in place. No more searching for more tape. No more fumbling around with rubber bands. Our brightly colored Sooper Clip™ does the trick. Our Sooper Clip™ is designed with a finger hole pull so it goes on and off quickly and easily.

Our price: $20.56

Sooper Chair-HD box
 Has a padded seat cushion for comfort, welded steel frame, (4) 3'' Polyurethane, oil-resistant, full bearing casters for smooth movement.

Our price: $172.94

Sooper Chair Wrap Ergo

Our ERGO Sooper Chair is the first of its kind to give you complete ergonomic comfort, while maintaining a stable working position. 

Our price: $206.25

Sign Cees to 4" X 4"

Fits any 4 inch x 4 inch square post such as Real Estate & Road Signs, etc.

Our price: $7.50

Sign Cees for 7" to 8.5" Round

Fits any 7 to 8.5 inch round pole

Our price: $25.00

Sign Cees for 3" Round

Fits any 3 inch round pole such as street name poles or chain link corner poles.

Our price: $15.00

Sign Cees for 3 Inch Wide U

Fits any 3 wide U shaped poles such as Traffic Signs, Parking Signs, Speed Limit Signs, etc.

Our price: $15.00

Sign Cees for 2 x 2 Square

Fits any 2 inch x 2 inch square pole such as Stop Signs, No Parking Sign, Traffic Signs, etc.

Our price: $7.50

Sign Cees 4" to 5" Round

Can be used on 4-6 Inch round poles and 4 x 4 and 4 x 5 square poles. 

Our price: $20.00

ScrapeRite Big Gripper

Plastic razor blades with longer handle for better grip and leverage.

Our price: $3.32

Roll Wraps

Roll Wraps are safe and affordable way to organize and protect your expensive digital media!

Our price: $3.85

Rectangular Foam Head Swab

5'' large square foam Tip mitt swab. White non-reticulated

Our price: $13.16

Magnetic Wrist Band

Embedded with super strong magnets for holding. OLFA knives and many other metal tools.

Discontinued item: Limited to stock on hand.

Our price: $17.55

Magnetic Belt Pouch

Magnetic pouch for holding tools.

Our price: $18.42

Magnetic Belt Clip

Magnetic belt clip for holding tools.

Discontinued item: Limited to stock on hand.

Our price: $15.53

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