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Mack/Percell Triple Gilders Tip RP-7

A Gold Leaf Application Brush for Loose on Glass, Metal & Wood Suitable for alcohol, oil and water based gliding with real Gold or Silver Leaf Triple Tip has 3 times the amount of hair of the Single Tip Great for water gliding with gelatin on large and small reverse glass lettering and mirroring.

Our price: $26.34

Mack/Percell Gilders Tip RP-4

Great for beginners wanting to try genuine gold, silver leaf Palladium gilding with loose leaf.  The handle is made from plastic so as not to be damaged by water

Our price: $16.21

Han-See Pounce Powder

The blended Charcoal minimizes peaking and prevents pounce stain. The blended White provides excellent visibility and hold without peaking.

Double bagged in heavy duty bags Avaible in White and Black.

Our price: $14.11

Han-See Pounce Pad

Used thousands of sign artists over the years for trucks, windows, and small flatwork Made of plastic and has a fill hole and cap that when uncorked may be filled with Han-See's pounce powders

Our price: $19.44

Gold Powder

Gold Powder

Our price: $142.50

Giusto Manetti Slow Clear Gold Size

Giusto Manetti Slow Clear Gold Size

Our price: $28.25

Giusto Manetti Quick Dry Gold Size

Giusto Manetti Quick Dry Gold Size

Our price: $12.88

Gilding Wheel

Tool for applying roll leaf.

Avaible in 2 sizes - .1/4'' to 2'' and 2'' to 5''

Our price: $137.64

Gilders Tip Series 1138

Gilders Tip Series 1138

Our price: $35.82

Gilders Size Brush

Designed for water gilding glass with loose leaf.

Our price: $18.71

Gilders Gold Surplus Removal Brush RP-3

This brush is used for the removal of excess gold leaf when water gilding glass after the backing paints cure. 

Our price: $14.82

Gilders Dusting Oval Mop RP-8

Oval Dusting Mops are used for removing excess gold leaf by gently brushing way the excess leaf once the gold has set. Made of goat hair fibers, attached to a lacquered wood handle.

Our price: $9.98

Gilder's Knives

A balanced knife with which to cut the gold into piece

Our price: $41.40

Gilder's Cushion w/ Wind Screen

Cushion is 5 1/2'' wide by 9 1/2'' long and has a Wind Shield built in to protect Gold Leaf. 

Our price: $82.49

Gilder's Cushion

Gilder's Cushion

Our price: $73.57

Gelatin Caps

Gelatin Caps

Our price: $18.72

Dux Water Base Gold Size

For Indoor gilding only

Our price: $17.70

Dux Slow Dry Oil Gold

Dux Slow Dry Gold 

Our price: $23.13

Dux Quick Dry Oil Gold

Dux Quick Dry Gold 

Our price: $23.13

DUX Burnish Sealer Primer Yellow / Gray

Oil-based primer-sealer for use with gilding size, ideal for gold and imitation gold leaf projects

Available in yellow for under gold/white metals and gray for silver metals

Our price: $19.48

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