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R Tape 4000 ApliTape™ (Low Tack)

A standard weight paper with low tack adhesive

Our price: $41.42

R Tape 4078RLA Med Tack
For Wall Graphics, Textured Vinyls And Frosted Vinyl

Our price: $65.48

RTape 4050 RLA Medium Tac

R-Tape Conform Medium Tac

Our price: $5.86

RTape 4075 RLA High Tac

R-Tape Conform High Tac

Our price: $5.86

SmartTac Standard High Tack SMART775

Smart 775 - High Tack

Our price: $3.37

SmartTac Standard Medium Tack SMART750

Smart 750 - Medium Tack

Our price: $3.37

TransferRite 560U Low Tack

 Standard Grade Paper. Excellent for large one-piece decals. 

Our price: $3.49

TransferRite 582U Medium Tack

Standard Grade Paper. Excellent for Pre-spaced lettering and small one-piece decals.

Our price: $3.49

TransferRite 592U High Tack

High Tack

Our price: $3.49

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