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12" Dust Hose, Coupler, and Brush (for classic models)

Replacement Dust collecting hose & coupler for your panel saw. Dust collection is provided on all Varsity/1000, 2000, 3000 & Sign makers panel saws.

Our price: $217.55

60T Premium Blades

60 Tooth Premium Plastics Blade

60 Tooth Premium Aluminum Blade

Our price: $132.05

ACM Insert

Cuts 3 mm Aluminum Composite material such as Dibond, maxmetal, Omega Board, epanel , polymetal and more! .

Our price: $531.05


CoroPins - Link pieces of coroplast together to create free standing signs.

Our price: $18.05

Dust Collection Hook-up ( w/o 4" hoses )

Dust collection built into the bottom frame of the panel saw. This collects most of the dust before it hits the floor.

Our price: $160.55

Flip Stop Measuring System

Used when cutting the same two or three lengths of material. It saves time moving a stop back and fourth and ensures all of your cuts are uniform.

Our price: $341.05

Floating Router Plate

Drops down onto your material to follow the contours, twists and bows of your sheets. Great for V-Grooving materials like DiBond to make bends .

Our price: $474.05

Full Builder’s Extension

These ultra simple full size extensions give 10' of support when added to a compact frame. Adds an extra 4 rollers per side on 28'' fence backing supports.

Our price: $531.05

Laser Cutting Guide

Add a laser line to your panel saw to check the cut line of your saw or knife. Great for trimming prints in the sign industry. Available for all Panel Saws and Dual Arm Saw.

Our price: $246.05


Allows for easy waist high cuts. Instead of cutting small pieces on the bottom of the machine, use the removable lip of the mid fence to hold small pieces. Remove the lip when cutting larger sheets.

Our price: $474.05

Sheet Clamp

It is used as an extra hand to hold material in place so no one tries to put their hands under the carriage. Great for holding small or narrow piece in place. Now clamps a full 48'' sheet!

Our price: $369.55

Spring Hold Down

Holds thinner material against the frame for more material support.  Included on all Sign Makers Panel Saws.

Available in 52'', 64'', 76'', 88'' and 100''

Our price: $236.55

Wall Mounting Systems
Allows you to permanently mount the panel saw to the wall.
Available for the Compact and Full

Our price: $56.05

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